About Us


Sweet Succulent Creations was created in 2014 when Carole Giegerich and her daughter, Laura Mack, began spending more time together making unique creations of succulents in eclectic containers: some used, some antique and some handmade.  While Carole spends part of her winters in Florida cultivating her succulents, she lives in Wayne at Greenwood Farm in the summer and enjoys puttering around with pots and plants.   

Carole grew up in Heightstown, New Jersey. She spent several years living overseas in the Philippines, France, India and Pakistan.  She met Jack Giegerich in 1987 and they have been married for 30 years, living at Greenwood Farm in Wayne. She has always been an avid gardener, but after retiring from the University of Pennsylvania, she became interested in succulents during her visits to their 2nd home in Naples, Florida.  In 2015, they sold the farm to Carole's daughter and son-in-law, Danielle and Chris Francis. Now, three generations live together on the farm where they enjoy tennis on an old clay court from the early 1900's, swimming in the original 1914 pool, gardening and doing all things artsy in the barn. 

Laura Mack, Carole's younger daughter, caught the travel bug from her mother. She’s been to 38 states and 38 countries, lived and worked in Russia in the 1990's. She spent nearly a decade in California, enjoying the scenic state from the seat of her yellow Lemond bicycle, teaching inner city school kids and exhibiting her documentary photography from the former Soviet republics. She returned to the east coast in 2006 and worked in development at the Wharton school until a bike accident forced her to leave her job in order to focus on recovery. She decided to go into financial planning, focusing on helping people understand their insurance needs and coverage. Today, she works at Prudential Advisors when she’s not spending time with her mother. 

She has lived in a small barn apartment at the farm, where she enjoys her quaint and charming courtyard garden which provides a quiet secluded oasis away from all the traffic. 

During her time in recovery, she and her mother started to spend more time together. Over the years, a mother-daughter business was born.  Carole and Laura maintain a small greenhouse and host planting for fun workshops and parties with their succulents in the summer and fall at the farm. They thoroughly enjoy sharing their passion for succulents and their creative energy for arranging in unique containers.  Neither of them can resist a visit to a local (or not so local!) nursery  or Goodwill. They love to conduct workshops and parties hosted at their customers' homes throughout the area.

If you’re in the area, let them know, you might find them home in the gardens and they’ll give you a tour of an 18th century historic estate in the heart of Wayne, Pennsylvania!