Miscellaneous Talents & Services



As an avid traveler in my not-so-distant youth, I managed to accumulate thousands of daily life images in such places as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Siberia and the Republic of Georgia. I’m more than happy to share stories and photo exhibits to audiences that are interested. 



Cycling has been a passion, a curse, a blessing in disguise and everything in between.  Find stories and images to delight your soul. 



On MLK Day of Service at St. Paul’s in West Chester, I learned to knit on a loom. 65 newborn hats, 6 infinity scarves, and a few unique pet hats later, a loomer is born. I’m making mommy baby and daddy baby Eagles and Phillies sets by special order. 

Prudential Advisors


After an unfortunate two years of post concussive syndrome following a bicycle accident, I left my job at Wharton as a fundraiser/volunteer manager for the Global Club Network, and decided to get into the insurance industry to help others protect themselves from potential “what if’s” of life. I’m always happy to listen carefully and offer guidance when asked. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet please contact me here